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The autumn brings a change of light and colour to our beautiful island. There are new sights, sounds, tastes and smells to be encountered in every direction as we continue the adventure of discovery and rediscovery.

Much has changed for the visitors to our diverse counties , towns villages and neighbourhoods over the past two years. With every new encounter or our revisit to the island of our childhood we are finding that there is somewhere equally beautiful on the other side of the hill or stream.

In this edition we take a look at the destinations of Boyne Valley, Fermanagh, Belfast, Cork and Dublin. We have exciting features on new tourism attractions, Irish Breweries and much more. Our What’s Hot pages have plenty of suggestions too, such as the Smithwicks Experience, Blasket Experiences, Wexford Opera, cultural retreats and more.

Tá na duilleoga ag titim agus na laethanta ag giorrú.

Enjoy the Guide and the journey into the unknown, the half known and the thought we knew.

Eoghan and the DI Team.