by Kevin Markham

The county of Wicklow is known as the ‘Garden of Ireland’. Little wonder with so much beauty laced across its mountains, lakes, forests and valleys. It possesses a true and deep Irish spirit. Nestled in one of its valleys, in the ancient territory of Fercullen, and surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Wicklow mountains, lies the Powerscourt Estate. This is one of the most beautiful estates in the world, stretching across 1,000 acres of ancient woodland. The estate is home to a luxury hotel, two championship golf courses, the magical Powerscourt Waterfall, where it feels like you’ve stepped back in time, and the famous Powerscourt House, where you have most definitely stepped through a doorway into a century 300 years ago. The House was first built in 1741.

The estate is also home to Powerscourt Irish Whiskey Distillery. It is one of the few operational distilleries in Ireland with a maturation warehouse on-site. And that ensures visitors have an excellent opportunity to savour the aroma of sleeping casks and enjoy a full immersion, multi-sensorial grain-to-glass whiskey tasting experience. It’s as rich and wholesome as it sounds.

You will embark on an Irish whiskey odyssey, a tale of boom and bust and learn about the different styles of Irish whiskey. Hear first-hand about the art of whiskey distilling and the long and skilled maturation process while you enjoy the perfect setting in which to taste it. Your ’experience’ includes the historic Mill House, which dates back to the 1730s. It is nestled close to Powerscourt House, and boasts an ancient water mill deep in its foundations. Discover how this unrivalled location offers access to the best raw materials, including water emanating from Powerscourt Waterfall itself and beautiful golden homegrown barley.

In such a setting, the emergence of Powerscourt Irish Whiskey Distillery will inspire a new generation of craftsmanship on the estate, ensuring that whiskey lovers will have much to savour for generations to come.

They offer two whiskey tasting experiences which give you a delicious and comprehensive flavour of the whiskeys we produce. 

Ultimate Irish Whiskey Experience

Our fully immersive, grain-to-glass whiskey distillery tour and tasting experience introduces you directly to the sights, sounds and aromas of a fully operational distillery. You will cultivate an appreciation of the ancient art of whiskey distillation before visiting the on-site Maturation Warehouse used to fill and store whiskey casks. Learn about, taste and savour our award-winning Fercullen Irish whiskeys in a relaxing private tasting room overlooking the beautiful copper stills.

These three copper pot stills are custom-designed and form the Distillery’s centrepiece. Uniquely shaped by skilled craftsmen, they are made in much the same way as they were in the 1800s when the Mill House was in daily use. 

Irish Food & Whiskey Pairing Experience

Our Irish Food & Whiskey Pairing Experience combines everything you’ll enjoy on the Ultimate Irish Whiskey Experience, while also indulging in the best of local artisan foods. This pairing of whiskey and seasonal foods reflects the history, legacy and innovation of Wicklow and its local producers, with Fercullen whiskeys specially selected by our resident food historian.

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