As the world gears up to celebrate International Day of Climate Action on October 24th, Killarney, often celebrated for its breathtaking natural beauty, is showcasing its commitment to sustainability. 

The town, which is nestled around the stunning 26,000 acre UNESCO Killarney National Park, is taking significant strides to preserve its pristine natural environment. Most recently the town received national acclaim for being the first town in Ireland to ban single-use coffee cups but Killarney’s commitment to sustainable tourism and dedication to environmental conservation extends far beyond this. 

The town actively promotes recycling and waste reduction, encourages the use of public transportation and bicycles, and supports local businesses that prioritise environmentally friendly practices. The town, recently named Ireland’s Tidiest Large Town in the SuperValu Tidy Towns Awards, is inviting visitors to experience an environmentally friendly weekend away and to experience some of the many sustainable initiatives being undertaken by local tourism businesses. 

Join the town by making lots of little choices to lighten our carbon footprint collectively while still enjoying the amazing experiences that Killarney has to offer:

  1. Travel to Killarney using eco friendly transport (rail, bus, car pooling, etc) 
  2. Choose an accommodation provider that has a sustainable ethos (see below)
  3. Enjoy a range of sustainable activities (see below)
  4. Don’t forget to bring your refillable water bottle and reusable coffee cup. Businesses all over Killarney will be delighted to refill for you.
  5. Sip and savour the best of Kerry – select from an array of businesses that have opted to make their menus more sustainable by prioritising local food and beverage producers.

10 Outdoor Adventures and Sustainable Activities to enjoy in Killarney

  • Take a hike up some of the fantastic forest trails and mountains surrounding the town
  • Explore Muckross Creamery and get a taste of renewable farming traditions.
  • Spot some deer in Killarney National Park – home to Ireland’s only remaining wild herd of native deer.
  • Cycle through the Gap of Dunloe & Black Valley or Killarney National Park.
  • Rent a bike and explore Muckross & Dinis, stopping at Dinis Cottage for a bite.
  • Take a guided Photography Tour and capture some of the hidden gems of Killarney National Park
  • Sip on sustainable coffee in a 2gocup in support of the single-use coffee cup ban.
  • Discover Killarney National Park on horseback
  • Visit Deenagh Lodge, an initiative by Downs Syndrome Ireland, promoting independence through work opportunities in the hospitality industry.
  • Embrace sustainable shopping at The Shop of Little Things at the Ross Hotel and explore second-hand and vintage stores like Hazel’s Nuts About Vintage. Support local, independent businesses for a more sustainable shopping experience.

Green Accommodation: Where to Stay.

The Killarney Hotels Sustainability Group, which covers over 3,000 beds, is embracing eco-friendly practices  to protect the local landscape and reduce the town’s carbon footprint. From large issues such as using green energy, reducing waste, water consumption, and food waste to smaller but big impact initiatives such as removing single-use plastic and introducing environmentally friendly alternatives, these initiatives are setting a benchmark for sustainability in the hospitality sector. Other sustainable accommodation options include glamping and an eco-hostel. 

Delightful Dining Experiences

Killarney’s culinary scene is also becoming more eco-consciousness. Many restaurants and cafes in the town now offer sustainable menu options, sourcing ingredients from local farms and embracing eco-friendly practices in their operations. There are a host of options including Luna Deli which is focused on sustainable ingredients and Bricin which specialises in local produce. Killarney Urban Farm supplies local cafes, hotels, and restaurants with fresh, locally sourced produce. Experience their “Taste and Tour” to discover the farm’s sustainable practices.

Eco-Friendly Travel Options

Reduce your carbon footprint even further. Take the train or bus to Killarney for an eco-friendly journey. Explore the town and Killarney National Park via the red bus (running until November 30th), on a bike, by boat, or in a traditional jaunting car.

Killarney invites visitors to experience the beauty of its natural surroundings while contributing to a sustainable future. This International Day of Climate Action, think sustainability when booking your staycation in Killarney. 

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Article c/o The Events, Tourism & Communications Agency