A new online series from ITMA featuring in-depth conversations with traditional artists Christy Moore, Catherine McEvoy, Frankie Gavin, Sarah Ghriallais, Matt Molloy, Dolly McMahon, and the late Paddy Moloney (1938-2021) begins in October.

The long-format Q&A style interviews seek to enrich our understanding of these respected and well known tradition bearers, by exploring their influences, and by seeking out their personal philosophies as traditional artists. With discussion ranging from earliest musical experiences, to sage advice to young people, to hopes for the future of the tradition, Saoithe promises to be an engaging and timely series of conversations.  The online interviews are hosted by a variety of musicians and singers and feature live performance and archival recordings. 

The fortnightly series premieres with Christy Moore on Wednesday, 5 October 2022, at 8 pm (Irish time) and will be freely available to watch online on ITMA Facebook, ITMA YouTube and ITMA website. 

SAOITHE is an extension of ITMA’s online archival series Drawing from the Well – connecting artists with archival material to inspire new art.

Saoithe online schedule

Christy Moore, singer            5 October

Catherine McEvoy, flute       19 October

Frankie Gavin, fiddle              2 November

Sarah Ghriallais, singer        16 November

Matt Molloy, flute                   30 November

Dolly McMahon, singer         14 December 

Paddy Moloney (1938–2021)


IMAGE ATTACHED: Christy Moore in ITMA, 2021